Writing a bio is a difficult process and it is expected that I say “it is my passion” or “I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I think instead I will simply write about the journey to this point. I absolutely love doing makeup and it began with a love of art, theatre, photography and performance.

My brother, friends and I were always performing when we were growing up. We would do choreographed concerts on the front lawn with my brother’s homemade painted gold microphones and highly technical lighting and sound systems that involved electrical cords galore. It’s a wonder we didn’t blow up the whole neighbourhood! Our neighbours obligingly came along and paid a door fee to watch .It was the late 70’s early 80’s in Tasmania and what else were we to do? There was no theatre school and the only professional dance was strict ballet taught by uptight, cane bearing ballet instructors. We had Countdown on Sunday evenings for our music, dance, makeup and outfit inspiration.

From our local neighbourhood we progressed to school concerts where we put on elaborate dramatic performances to unsuspecting and confused high school jocks who didn’t know whether to love us or hate us. Then we joined theatre groups and spent holidays pouring heart and soul into performance in any theatre that would have us.

After HSC I spent a year at University doing a Bachelor of Education in English and Drama pursuing a burning ambition to be an actor and Drama teacher. After a year reality hit and being a poor struggling student living on my own and trying to feed myself didn’t  work for me so I got a job and joined a theatre company and starting acting and directing. I loved all elements of theatre. It was comforting. The smell, lights, costumes, makeup and the mystery that lurks in the dark in an old theatre is intoxicating.

Throughout  this time my interest in Photography spiked.   I had previously studied it as part of my HSC so I went back to school and studied Associate Diploma in Art, majoring in Photography.

During this process I decided to teach myself makeup. I already knew how to do makeup for theatre and for my models on photography projects. I literally taught myself by visiting the library and pouring over any books I could find on old school Hollywood glamour shoots (no YouTube back then!) I grabbed every willing  person I could and practiced continuously, saved up and bought my own little makeup kit .

After being in Tasmania for 25 years I had enough of the freezing winters and headed for my favourite holiday destination, The Gold Coast.

I was fortunate to land an awesome job assisting a swimwear magazine Photographer. I loved watching him work. He had a unique understanding of light and had designed and built himself an elaborate outdoor lighting set up. I think it may have been an act of fate that one evening I got a call from my boss that our makeup artist couldn't make it to the shoot the next day. We had 3 models flying to the Gold Coast from Melbourne and we had a 4am makeup call to catch the sunrise. He said "You can do makeup right?"….. I don't think I slept a wink that night! So I guess I kind of fell into it. From that day I was his assistant and makeup artist. 

Since then I have managed 3 photographic studios and dedicated my career to photographic makeup. I have been involved in each step of photoshoots, from styling, hair, makeup and conception. I love to be a part of the entire creative process.

I also love the experience of weddings and being an integral part of a brides incredibly special day. My background in Photographic makeup ensures that I can provide the bridal party with makeup that will not only look sensational in photos but will also last the entire day and night. Weddings are so diverse these days and as much as many brides request fresh, natural and luminous makeup, equally some brides love something unique and dramatic. Whatever the style I will work with the bride and create a look perfect for her and her vision.

Alongside my Photographic makeup work and weddings  my commercial clients include The National geographic whom I have been fortunate to have worked with for the past 8yrs Channel, Claudia Karven, Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead,  Tina Arena , Rove McManus, Tex Perkins, Deborah Mailman, Kimberley Busteed (Miss Universe Australia) to name a few.

I'm lucky to be able to claim that I love my work. It continues to surprise and challenge me and there are always new things to learn with the launch of new products and techniques.  These days my focus is moving more into natural beauty, vegan and cruelty free products. I am transitioning my kit gradually to mineral and vegan products. They have come so far and there are some amazing products giving the same, if not better results. Youngblood, Ere Perez and Bite Beauty are a few favourites and I am excited to continue to experiment with guilt free beauty products. Makeup has come a long way since the days when we used makeup to create a mask. Now the focus is on inner beauty and healthy skin. I do makeup to accentuate a client’s own features, not to change them, but enhance them. Lifestyle and diet play a major role and combining this with beauty and makeup products that enrich the skin we can create beautiful, natural and flawless effects.

It's an amazing industry that is ever changing and after 19 years I am fortunate to say I am still learning and evolving and loving every moment!